Joe and Helen met at the tender age of twelve, bonding over a badminton match during their first PE lesson. Since then they've been on many adventures together, so when they created a way to expand on EcoTales previous plastic pollution campaign success, it was obvious this was destiny in the making!

They are a perfect blend of business and creative minds, with a passion to reconnect us all with the mystifying world of nature through storytelling. 

Joe Churchman

Joe began her career sound designing the wild and wacky world of children's animation. After the birth of her first child bought a tsunami of plastic into her life, she was inspired to write and co-direct her multi-award winning short film, 'Gloop', a twisted fairy tale depicting the meteoric rise of plastic.

Now the mother of three lively children, she has her sights set on showing us all the wondrous magic at play in the natural world, and helping us to remember that we are nature too.

Helen Martin

Having graduated from uni many moons ago, Helen spent most of her career helping corporations add some sparkle and pizazz to their marketing and communications activity. From the dizzy heights of insurance and intangible asset valuation, this has, at times been no easy task!

As a mum of two boys, she is on a mission to build EcoTales into the go-to resource for parents and schools alike to educate and inform future generations about the perils of environmental disasters.