Meet 'Alizeh Air '

'Alizeh Air’, is fun, fearless, adventurous and all around us. He has the ability to manipulate the air around him. Don’t get on the wrong side of him or he could demonstrate his true power by becoming a tornado.

Dizzy 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Dizzy Disaster 

‘Dizzy Disaster’ loves to travel and he can pop anywhere. However, she isn’t always a welcome visitor simply because everybody knows that when they see Dizzy a disaster is always just around the corner!                  

Dr Fungi 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Dr Fungi'

As Professor Flora's loyal side-kick, 'Dr Fungi' specialises in all fungi-related matters. From sharing the medicinal benefits of mushrooms dating back centuries, to identifying rare specimens and understanding mushroom networking skills, Dr Fungi is always on hand to help his friends in any medical emergencies.


Meet 'Isy Invertebrate'

'Isy Invertebrate’ can jump really high and fly. She has a protective hard exterior, like an ant, so is pretty bullet proof. She is regularly joined on her adventures by her sparkly insect friend! She has the ability to harness the suns energy to recharge herself.

L 200 2.png

Meet 'L’ … Coming Soon

'L’ Coming Soon

O 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Ozzy Ocean'

‘Ozzy Ocean’ is a cheeky, happy-go-lucky character and a a popular resident of Oyster Bay. He is always enthusiastic about whatever oceanic hobby or interest he is perusing.

‘Ozzy Ocean’ is passionate about the marine world, however, he can become blinkered  and sometimes he fails to see the disastrous harm he is causing.  

R 200 2.png

Meet 'R’… Coming Soon

'R’ Coming Soon

U 200 2.png

Meet 'U’… Coming Soon

'U’ Coming Soon

X 200 2.png

Meet 'X’… Coming Soon

'X’ Coming Soon

Bod 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Bod Biodiversity'

'Bod Biodiversity’ is calm, kind and nurturing. She is passionate about all life on earth and knows just what every habitat needs to thrive with as much vibrant life as possible.

E 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Etta Earth'

‘Etta Earth’ is an avid gardener. She loves nothing more than to feed the people of Plumpton with the food she grows in her kitchen garden.

Most of the time ‘Etta Earth’ remembers her grandmother's ancient stories that teach valuable lessons about respecting the land. However, she can become more than a little caught up in the demand for her produce with catastrophic outcomes.          

G2 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Gregor Greed'

'Gregor Greed' is entrepreneurial and enthusiastic about progress. However, he can be very short sighted when planning his various business ventures, failing to understand the negative impact he is having on the environment around him.  Unfortunately ‘Gregor Greed’ will not be told and all too often creates a disaster that he must work out how to resolve. 

J 200 2.png

Meet 'J’… Coming Soon

'J’ Coming Soon

M 200 2.png

Meet 'M’… Coming Soon

'M’ Coming Soon

P 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Poly Plastic'

'Poly Plastic' was made by professor Leo at Rock Laboratory and although she is useful, this cheeky superhero misfit must be handled with care!  Her unique superpowers make her indestructible and able to mould herself into any shape or object she wants. However, it is these very qualities that make her adventures into the wild so dangerous.  The question is, where will she end up next?

Sol 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Sol Sun'

'Sol Sun' is wise, thoughtful and has been around for thousands of years. His thought-provoking riddles will leave you pondering your actions and questioning how you can make a difference in the world. Be careful not to make him angry otherwise you could be on the receiving end of his very fiery temper!

Meet 'V’… Coming Soon

'V’ Coming Soon

You 250 x 250.png

Meet 'You'

'You' is here to remind us all that we are part of nature too. We can all do little things every day to help care for and protect the wild and wonderful aspects of our beautiful planet.

C 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Cycles' 

'Cycles’ loves adventure! His natural curiosity leads him on exciting journeys into the magical world of cycles, where he becomes a part of the constant motion regulating and balancing our world, so that life can exist on our planet. He is kind and helpful, and always there to lend a hand when his friends need help reversing their own little disasters!

Prof Flora 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Professor Flora'

The wonderfully knowledgeable 'Professor Flora' was taught all about the magic of healing with wild plants by her grandmother.  She uses remedies that have been passed down through generations. She is incredibly scientific in her approach and understands the power, complexity and functionality of all plants. She is often found scribbling notes in the books and loves rediscovering lost ancient remedies.       

H 250 x 250.png

Meet 'H’… Coming Soon

'H’ Coming Soon

K2 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Kyra Knowledge'

As an intrepid explorer with a black belt in Karate, 'Kyra Knowledge' has an unquenchable thirst for learning and discovering the truth. When involved in a tricky situation she draws upon her infinite wisdom and kindness to understand the bigger picture. 'Kyra Knowledge' has survived in some of the harshest environments on the planet and has a deep connection with nature wherever she roams. She has studied many ancient cultures and often visits her friends to learn from their traditions and to help them protect their homes. 

Nelek 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Nelek Noise'

There is never a dull moment when ‘Nelek Noise’ is around! He is bouncy and wild, some might say a little crazy! He loves to sing and zoom around as fast as the speed of sound, however he often unknowingly causes trouble for other creatures with his loud voice and his crashing and bashing around.

Q 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Queenie'

Wise 'Queenie' is the guardian of all bees. She is always ready to answer distress calls from her beloved endangered hives. Queenie carefully considers all approaches and outcomes to any disaster and thinks deeply about how it might be solved.  She has been known to have frank discussions with Gregor Greed when his antics cause problems.

T 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Teddy Tree'

'Teddy Tree' is the ultimate forest survival expert. He understands all trees and the ancient traditions that surround them. He is full of surprising information that once revealed will change the way you think of these leafy beings forever!

Willow 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Willow Water'

'Willow Water' has the magical ability to shape shift into different forms. She is always on the move and uses her magical powers to explore many different aspects of life from the raging rapids of the Ganges to the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas.

Having been around for thousands of years, ‘Willow Water’ is all too familiar with the changes occurring on our planet and the detrimental impact our decisions can have on nature.

Z 250 x 250.png

Meet 'Zero Impact'

'Zero Impact' is an inventor who is fascinated by ‘Biomimicry’ and always striving for sustainable solutions to help us live in harmony with nature. Whenever he has a new idea as he turns to nature for guidance, after all nature has been designing and problem solving for billions of years! Zero’s house is powered by the wind and the sun. He designed his roof to catch rainwater which he filters and uses to drink, wash and water his garden. 

'Zero Impact' uses his innovative mind to help his friends and often steps in to help Gregor Greed out of the tricky situations he finds himself in.