EcoTales Podcasts

Listen to the EcoTales cast bring real environmental problems to life.

The Juicy Strawberry.png

The Juicy Strawberry Featuring Etta Earth

‘Etta Earth’ is delighted with her best ever crop of strawberries. Follow Etta's adventures with Blue, Spike and Trixie as she tries to meet the growing demands of the people of Plumpton who just can't go without her delicious strawberries. Etta soon discovers the perils of messing with Mother Nature!

The Peach Palm.png

The Peach Palms Featuring Gregor Greed

In his first adventure, ‘Gregor Greed’ visits the Amazon rain forest in search of Peach Palm trees and the hidden oil he hope will make him rich beyond his wildest dreams! If it wasn't for Kyra Knowledge and Professor Flora providing some very valuable insight, Gregor Greed actions may cause considerable harm to his beloved state of Texas.

The Plastic Picnic_cs.png

The Plastic Picnic Featuring Polly Plastic

Delve into the mind of the mischievous 'Polly Plastic' and follow her on her latest adventure as she discovers just how damaging plastic packaging can be for her marine friends. 


Plenty More Fish.png

Plenty More Fish Featuring Ozzy Ocean

'Ozzy Ocean' and his friends love nothing more than exploring Oyster Bay and catching all the fish they can eat. Will they realise the error of their ways before it's too late?